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Gourmet Gold

If Samui was in this year’s Olympics for a ‘Best Restaurants’ event, it would be placed top of the podium.


1Yet another four years have flown by and the Olympic Games are with us again. And this year’s event in London is set to be the greatest to date (and so it should be with all the billions spent on it!). After endless hours, days, months and years of training, thousands of athletes will be competing to win one of the highly-coveted gold medals – to become number-one in their individual event.

    But it would be an almost impossible task for me should I have to award a solitary gold medal to the single best restaurant on Samui, for there are so many that are the top in their own particular field: the best traditional Thai restaurant on the beach; the best Italian restaurant in a lively area; the best romantic restaurant in a secluded location, the best restaurant for offering value-for-money, etc., etc.

      So, the only thing I can do is award a huge collective gold medal to Samui’s superb fine-dining restaurants as a whole. Many of whom you can read about in August’s feature-packed Samui Wining & Dining. Let the games, and the eating, begin!


Steve Taylor

Editorial Director


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