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26Over the years of reviewing Thai food websites, I’ve grown much fonder of blogs. Not only do some have good recipes, they also usually have excellent pictures. And, importantly, an interesting story behind many of the dishes the authors cook. Not all blogs are the same, in fact many are quite amateurish, but when you do get one that grabs your attention, you know that the writer takes it seriously. And that leads us nicely onto

    It’s written by an American lady called Jessica who’s living in Bangkok with her husband. They plan to stay for a couple of years, working, travelling and exploring a new life. And her website is about her journey, based primarily around the food she eats at local restaurants, the dishes she prepares at home using locally-sourced ingredients, and their travels around the Kingdom and beyond.

      When you open up the homepage, the design and layout instantly tell you that a lot of thought has gone into it. She uses simple but effective images and it’s easy to navigate. In essence, the homepage is about her most recent posts, and she contributes very regularly. And down the right-hand side, there’s a function where you can search through the archives and a long list of other blogs that she likes. All of them have a food angle and if you have the time, they’re well worth browsing through, too. If you like this site, then the chances are that you’ll also like most of these.

All of them have clear ingredient lists
and instructions and beautiful
photographs of the dishes at different
stages of preparation.

      Along the top of the homepage there are three links that get to the heart of the matter: recipes, travel and Bangkok. Click on the first one and you’ll see a dozen or so sections, including breakfast, fish, noodles and pasta. Not all of these are Thai recipes, however. Below that is a master recipe list with hundreds of dishes, and below that a link to ‘Thai recipes’. Click on that and there are several dozen to choose from which are listed alphabetically. All of them have clear ingredient lists and instructions and beautiful photographs of the dishes at different stages of preparation. And each has a story behind it that most amateur cooks will be able to relate to, particularly if you’ve ever lived in a foreign country for any length of time, and learned that nothing ever works like you expect it to. Jessica does have a few advantages over the average holidaymaker. She’s taken several Thai cooking classes, attends Thai language lessons – with varying degrees of success – and gets out and about in the local community. But these attributes only enhance the authenticity of the recipes, and any one of them will work perfectly well at home.

       Skip back to the homepage and click on the ‘travel’ link. Here she talks about some of the trips she’s made around Thailand, including a visit to Samui last year. And if you’re planning on some travelling whilst you’re here, there are many good reviews/tips about the major tourist cities around the country. And in the ‘Bangkok’ link, she lists some of her favourite restaurants, cooking schools and day trips for visitors. Well worth looking up as they are recent first-hand accounts and could save you time and money if you only have a few days in the capital.

      Overall I liked this site a great deal. It’s written in a nice conversational style, the back stories are interesting, the recipes are well researched, clear and concise, and it has very good photographs for the visually stimulated. I, for one, look forward to keeping up to date with Jessica’s Thai cultural and culinary adventures.


Johnny Paterson


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