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Enjoy great Italian food and much, much more at Lamai’s Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort.


24-25Shops? Check. Bars? Check. A fine dining Italian eatery? Check. Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort is part of a sprawling complex in Lamai that ticks all your holiday’s proverbial boxes. And what’s more, it’s a beachside property to boot. 'Buddy's' is just a ten-minute walk from Lamai town, and a 20-minute drive from Chaweng. Walking or driving past this part of the main ring road you can’t miss it – the resort’s sign has become something of an iconic landmark in this part of town. A reference point, if you like.

    Within this colonial-themed complex you’ve got access to all manner of imported goodies. The tagline for this branch of the Buddy brand (they have hotels all over Thailand) is ‘colonial-style luxury in a tropical seaside resort’, which says it all really – you’re getting the best of both worlds all under one roof.

      They’ve got all foodie bases covered. Between Chomlay Restaurant, Buddy Coffee Shop and Restaurant, Mama’s Burgers, Milligan’s Irish Pub Samui, Coco Bar at Buddy Beach and last but certainly not least, Pazzo Italian & Wine Bar, you’re bound to find something you’re in the mood for. The really great thing about the variety at Buddy’s is that there’s a venue for every occasion – daytime, night-time, with kids and without kids. And for world-class Italian food, you can’t go wrong with Pazzo Italian & Wine Bar.

      Open since 2008, the focus here on fresh, southern Italian cuisine has kept this restaurant up there with the frontrunners on Samui’s Italian scene. Food from the south of Italy is quite robust and can incorporate a little more chili here and there – so it keeps you on your toes. Big flavours are combined with subtle textures to create food that’s a real joy to eat. Food and Beverage Manager at Pazzo, Khun Gina, was trained in Italian kitchens across the globe. So she has brought with her an array of specialist culinary techniques and an undying passion for Italian


food that you can taste in the dishes.

The wine selection at Pazzo caters
for a broad range of budgets – from
travellers after a pocket-friendly
tipple, to connoisseurs with an
appetite for the exquisite.


       Wine is a big part of this restaurant, too, and testament to that fact is its impressively atmospheric, temperature controlled wine cellar, complete with rustic brick walls and moody lighting. The wine selection at Pazzo caters for a broad range of budgets – from travellers after a pocket-friendly tipple, to connoisseurs with an appetite for the exquisite. Three times a week they bring in live acoustic musicians to relax you as you sip away at a glass or two of delicious wine. And if you’re drinking your wine in the restaurant, the staff are trained to food pair – that way you can maximise the flavour of both the dish and the drink.

      Sitting 50 all in all, this venue is fairly intimate, which allows the chefs to dote on patrons as any good cook dreams to. In the indoor section of the restaurant, the décor echoes old-school Italian glamour, while the tables in the larger outside area sit atop cobblestone paving, so you can enjoy your food in an authentically alfresco ambience.

      Fine dining tapas is served all day, which includes small portions of a variety of Italian dishes. To name a few, there’s creamy, imported cheese, olives, smoked duck, parma ham and melon, bruschetta and smoked salmon. And for 129 baht you can pick any three of these bite-sized beauties to nibble at.

      Alternatively, if you’re going for dinner you could do worse than beginning your meal with a piping hot basket of their freshly baked focaccia, topped with sautéed onions and oregano. Served with a trio of dipping sauces, this is one pre-starter that really holds its own.

      The soup de foie gras is an indulgent starter that puts most other soups to shame. Laced with luxurious French white wine port, this creamy dish activates all your taste buds. And slide your spoon through the thick liquid to find a generous sliver of pan-fried fois gras for you to sink your teeth into.

      For those who just can’t get enough of this goosy offering, there’s also a robust fois gras salad that really pushes the boat out. Grilled fois gras chunks are balanced atop juicy figs in a sticky brown sugar reduction, topped with sweet raspberry beurre. It’s served alongside tangy rocket salad complete with a triangle of shaved Parmesan – this is a truly memorable dish. The aromatic main of Spaghetti Pernod is tossed in a white wine and parsley sauce and served with a smattering of tender calamari rings. A dusting of Parmesan finishes this dish off nicely and rounds off the bite of the Pernod.

      And for holidaymakers who like to finish an evening of indulgent fine dining with a cocktail or two, Coco Bar at Buddy Beach is just across the road. What better way to polish off your night than with some drinks, a spot of stargazing and the sand under your feet?


Christina Wylie


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