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There’s more than just great food at Nora Buri Resort & Spa’s restaurant The Barge Fine Dining.



It’s true. It’s pretty hard to find a restaurant with genuinely interesting and unique décor. Sure, you’ve got ultra-modern ‘concept’ décor and tacky themed restaurants that take it so far that you could almost be in Disneyland. But to find something that’s unique, classy and comfortable at the same time? Well that’s no mean feat. And that’s what’s really great about the effortlessly cool ambience at The Barge Fine Dining. It’s not always plain sailing in the restaurant industry. But General Manager, Khun Chanupong, and Food & Beverage Manager, Khun Daam, at The Barge Fine Dining have got customers coming back for more, time and time again. Nora Buri Resort & Spa, which houses the restaurant, is on road leading from Chaweng to Choeng Mon. The hotel spans the road and is connected by a purpose-built underpass. On the inland side you’ve got the main hotel, the Manora Restaurant, the spa and the gym. Whereas on the sea side you’ll find The Barge Fine Dining and its integral air-conditioned Thai restaurant – The Barge Rice & Terrace – which sits above The Barge Fine Dining

        Jutting out over the beach, the giant structure that houses both restaurants looks like part of a huge boat that’s been washed ashore – albeit in remarkably pristine condition. Dining on the multi-tiered restaurant space next to it you feel as though you’ve just moored for the evening in some fantastic exotic location – which Samui undoubtedly is. And this seafaring giant is a fitting scene for the fresh seafood that the kitchen sizzles up. “We’re definitely trying to maintain a close relationship with the sea at The Barge.” Khun Daam reveals. “So we serve a broad range of fresh seafood. We’re particularly renowned for it, but also for our steaks and Thai food.”

      As the hotel complex is located in-between bustling Chaweng and chilled Choeng Mon, it provides an ideal setting for an evening of fine dining with a great atmosphere. “Every night, The Barge Band Trio serenades customers with a mixture of modern tracks and much-loved classics, whilst a fourth musician greets guests at the door to set the mood. It’s important to have atmosphere at night and that’s when The Barge really excels.”

       Coming down the solid wood feature staircase that leads you to The Barge’s beachside location, you’re immediately put in the mood for the intimate dining experience that’s to come. “There’s a very romantic vibe at The Barge – we’ve had a few marriage proposals here. And if you want to take it one step further, you can request a private dinner under the stars where you get a special set dinner for two at a secluded table on the beach.

       Choice is always a plus-point at any restaurant. And the added bonus of The Barge’s à la carte menu is that it comes complete with special set dinners every night of the week. And that includes a ‘candlelight steak set’ for a fully European taste experience, as well as authentic Thai dishes like ‘grilled Phuket lobster’. It seems that Nora Buri Resort & Spa is onto a good thing, too, because since it was opened in 2008 The Barge Fine Dining has received positive reviews all round. “People are really happy with what we’re doing. I don’t feel that we need changes in the restaurant. I think we need just to maintain the standard we’ve been providing already and to do whatever it takes to ensure that we keep customers happy.”

       Whatever your reason for going to Nora Buri Resort & Spa, a wander on down to The Barge is a must. It serves up fine dining fare at affordable prices and has oodles of atmosphere too.


Christina Wylie


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