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The Added Attraction

Amongst all the excellent reasons for coming to Samui,

one of the biggest ones should be to experience

the wonderful food.


1What did it for you then? What was is that tipped the scales in favour of Samui when you booked your holiday? For most people, it’s the guaranteed hot tropical weather with plenty of sunshine along with that exotic taste of the Orient. The chance to experience the ever-changing daily display of Far- Eastern culture: saffron-clothed monks collecting alms at dawn; golden temples with elaborate spires pointing to the heavens; local fishermen setting off in their brightly coloured boats for their daily catch; and, of course, there’s the fabulous Thai cuisine.

And Samui has that in abundance. But what a lot of visitors don’t usually realise until they arrive is that there’s a wealth other cuisines available on the island too. With everything on offer from Indian and Japanese through to Italian and French, with many others in-between, Samui’s restaurants have an unparalleled diversity. And as the island’s popularity has grown over the years, it has attracted some of the world’s finest chefs, many of whom have lengthy experience in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Although the places where you eat on Samui range from 5-star culinary palaces to castaway-style huts on the beach, there’s one thing that they all have in common – and that’s that they all offer terrific value-for-money. Yes, you certainly made the right choice when you chose Samui for your holiday – one that your stomach will thank you for.

Bon appétit!




Steve Taylor



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