Samui Wining & Dining
A Matter of Taste

Samui’s vibrant culinary scene really is a gastronomic delight.

p1Surprised? Many people are. Who would expect a tiny tropical island lazing sleepily in the Gulf of Siam to have its very own monthly newspaper dedicated solely to the local wining and dining scene? Especially when most major cities around the world, such as Bangkok and London, don’t have such a publication.

But when you learn that there’s a multitude of fine-dining restaurant here, serving a wide range of the world’s favourite cuisines, you soon understand why. Especially when you also discover that some of the planet’s top chefs (including several with Michelin-star experience) are performing their culinary skills on Samui, lured by the fabulous weather and laid-back lifestyle. And so experienced are they, in fact, that they have a combined working life of over 500 years – half a millennium!

When it comes to the restaurants themselves, there’s everything here from rustic little huts with tables and chairs set up along the beach serving hearty local fare all the way through to cliff-top palaces offering the most extravagant 10-course fine-dining with different wines paired to each dish. In fact, there’s somewhere to suit just about every palate and every budget on this idyllic little island.

And this publication delves deep under the surface level, with articles ranging from popular cooking classes to a day in the life of your favourite waitress, plus dining entertainment and other fascinating insights and information included for good measure.

Yes, it’s no small wonder that Samui needs its very own monthly wining and dining newspaper. The real question, with so much to write about, is should we be producing a weekly one?


Bon appétit!


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