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Love Is In the Air
With St. Valentine’s Day being right in the middle of it, February’s the most romantic month of the year.


Page1FebLove is always in the air on Samui. We have countless weddings taking place on the island’s idyllic beaches throughout the year,honeymooners are always here in their scores enjoying their new life together in paradise,anniversaries are being celebrated every day and the singles don’t stay that way for long as Cupid is constantly sending out his arrows in all directions. And in February, all this romance is heightened on and around St. Valentine’s Day.

It’s the one of the few nights of the year when all the best restaurants are booked solid in advance, so getting a reservation in quick at your favourite eatery is an absolute must. If you haven’t already decided where to go, there’s an article on pages 14 and 15 that details what’s on offer at several of Samui’s leading restaurants, including how much it’s all going to cost.
And who knows, it may just be the night that your loved one pops the question to you – just make sure that you give the answer that’s right for you, and not just the one that he/she wants to hear!

Of course, dining on Samui in February covers the whole month and not just one day, so make the mostof the island’s wonderful restaurants whilst you’re
here. And with a wide range of food available, with everything from delicious roadside noodles to top gourmet cuisine, you’ll be spoilt for choice. As you can imagine, it isn’t only love that’s in the air in February, there’re also the tempting aromas of delicious food wafting across from all the restaurant’s kitchens too!


Steve Taylor



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