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The Tropical Alternative
You’ve definitely made a wise choice in coming to Samui for the festive season.


The Tropical AlternativeSure, it’s hard to beat a traditional Christmas. A picture-postcard view of freshly fallen crisp white snow on the lane outside. All tucked up cosy inside the house with logs glowing in the hearth. The family sitting down together to share a festive feast before opening the presents. And watching all the TV specials in the afternoon over a glass of sherry or two.


The only trouble with that scenario is that we’ve all done it before – a thousand times. And we all know that within a couple of hours the virgin snow becomes trampled black sludge. The room soon becomes a stifling and suffocating ‘prison’. Kids start complaining that ‘Santa’ got them the wrong version of ‘Killer Cyborgs’ for their Playstation. Johnathon Ross teams up with Steve Cochrane and Rob Brydon on the BBC to present a woefully laboured yet well-rehearsed ‘ad-lib’ yuletide game show, whilst Auntie Doreen gets tearful that granny’s no longer with us and Uncle Frank becomes over-absorbed in teaching the Polish au pair how to pronounce her vowels.


But there is an alternative to going through yet another ‘Groundhog Day’ version of Christmas and New Year at home, as you’re about to discover here on Samui. Sure, things don’t seem quite the same when it’s hot. You can go swimming in the warm tropical waters for a start. And you can wander around at night in just a T-shirt and shorts, so things aren’t so bad. You’ll soon forget what’s going on back home.


But the one thing that most people worry about missing out on whilst they’re here on a Christmas holiday is the traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings. And I can happily inform you all that this isn’t a problem, as there are countless restaurants on Samui that will not only be offering a full three-course Christmas lunch or dinner, but will also be having that white-bearded fellow in his red suit around to keep the kids happy.


Sure, it is hard to beat a traditional Christmas, but having a hot and carefree one on a beautiful tropical island paradise in the Gulf of Siam gives it a damned good run for its money!


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Steve Taylor




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