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November means just one thing in Thailand – it’s Loy Krathong!


All AfloatThey don’t do things by halves here! Thailand celebrates two water-related festivals every year. There’s Songkran in April that marks the beginning of the Thai New Year, and then there’s Loy Krathong in November. And this year’s Loy Kratong festival falls on 10th of November, and it’s an occasion that everybody joins in. Small floats (krathong) are made with slices of banana trees, decorated with ornate cuttings from flowers and leaves. Candles and joss sticks are placed in them along with a few coins, a couple of your nail clippings and a small lock of your hair.


As the sun goes down you go to an area of water (the sea, a river or a lake), light the candles and joss-sticks, and launch (loy) the krathong. This is done to make merit with the spirits of the water, after using and abusing it so much the previous year! Most Samui locals celebrate the occasion either at Big Buddha, Chaweng Lake or Nathon Pier, where competitions for the best kratongs and other entertainment start around 9:00 pm and go on well into the night. Several of the larger hotels/resorts also have their own celebrations, with classical Thai dance shows, beauty contests, and sumptuous feasts being the order of the day


The spectacle of thousands of candlelit floats drifting out to sea or across a lake is quite amazing, so, wherever you are, do join in the celebrations.


Steve Taylor 



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