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Wed In BlissEveryone loves a wedding. Even the grumpiest amongst us will stop and watch if we see a bridal party slowly making their way down a floral aisle. And on Samui that usually means rose petals strewn across a stretch of golden sand. On any given day the sounds of Mendelssohn, Pachelbel or Wagner can be heard in the late afternoon on one of Samui’s fabulous beaches.


More and more couples are choosing to begin their new life together on Samui. And each bride and groom wants their big day to be extra special. Many resorts now offer specific packages aimed at the wedding market. But some take it a step further and tailor-make each and every part of the day and night to the couple’s exact specifications.


Urip Wiedodo is the Director of Operations for Hansar Samui Resort on Bophut Beach, at the far western end of Fisherman’s Village. And his approach is focused on making the occasion actually exceed the dreams of each couple. “We begin by allowing the couple to truly express what in their minds would make the perfect day. From there, we can start to build a picture that includes their ideas and make suggestions that could enhance the overall experience. They may not be aware that they could arrive for the ceremony in a memorable way, such as on top of an elephant. Incorporating elements of a traditional Thai ceremony such as a ‘water blessing’ that involves the participation of family and friends could be very meaningful for them. Or actually tying the knot out at sea on our luxury yacht may be the special factor that makes their wedding day truly unforgettable. It’s our job and our pleasure to help them create their own unique wedding day, one that will remain vivid in their memories for the rest of their lives.”


All couples invariably do a certain amount of research before making any concrete plans. Some will have been to Samui on holiday before but by no means all. And having a dedicated wedding planning team here doing all the hard work can make an often stressful period leading up to the event flow seamlessly. “We can make almost anything happen,” says Urip, “and for the couples it’s mainly about making decisions based on our collective thoughts, and their budget, and letting us take it from there.”


To begin your wedding day in state of complete relaxation has to be a part of any couple’s dream. And Urip recommends an hour or two being pampered after breakfast at Hansar’s fabulous LUXSA Spa. Spa Manager, Khun Kantima, is always on hand to recommend specific treatments for each individual and that can include a romantic floral bath, body scrubs and wraps, aromatic oil massages and beauty treatments – for both the bride and groom. Hair and make-up stylists can attend to the bride and bridesmaids in the afternoon. And whilst the girls are luxuriated in all this pampering, there’s a whole range of fun activities (that don’t necessarily involve alcohol!) that can be arranged for the groom and his friends.


As for the actual ceremony, well, you can have it on the beach with the sand between your toes, around the infinity pool or out on the ocean waves on a luxury yacht just as the sun is setting. Most couples do opt for a beach wedding and that can be officiated by a wedding celebrant, a priest or a minister. Non-denominational ceremonies allow you to write your own vows and to include non-religious readings or poems. And you can choose any kind of music for both the processional and recessional walks up and down the aisle or beach. Couples nowadays often forgo classical composers in favour of more modern songs that have personal meaning for them. It’s not uncommon to hear the voices of Celine Dion, James Blunt or Jack Johnson as the bride makes her way to her groom. Nor is it unusual to hear classic rock songs as the bride throws her bouquet to her ladies-in-waiting after the ceremony. It’s all about what feels right for each couple.


A traditional Thai ceremony at the local temple can also be arranged. And it isn’t a requirement that the couple be practicing Buddhists. Urip and his team explain in detail what takes place but for the bride and groom it’s not complicated and it can be both fun and spiritually uplifting. A traditional, noisy, long drum parade usually escort’s the couple into the temple. It’s a way of announcing your arrival and to bring good luck. Monks perform the blessings and family and friends can be involved as well. And it’s possible to have both styles of ceremony or elements of each. And the team at Hansar can arrange for all the legal requirements to take place including having the Samui District Officer attend the ceremony to witness the official signing of the legal documentation.


After the ceremony and the photographs (a videographer can also be present) there’re plenty of options. You can sip champagne whilst paddling at the water’s edge, cut the personally-styled wedding cake around the infinity pool or indulge in cocktails and luxury canapés in the garden. You can also have the H Bistro beachfront restaurant or the laid-back Chill Lounge above it for an evening reception. And Hansar Resort has one of the most celebrated executive chefs on the island in Stephen Jean Dion. He’s cooked at the highest levels in his native Canada and in Thailand and for two years was the Private Chef to the King and Queen of Jordan. He will personally create a special wedding menu, with wine pairings, and ensure that the reception dinner is just as memorable as every other part of the day.


Picking out a pre-planned wedding package doesn’t take much time or thought. And that suits some people. But if you want your wedding day to be unique, stress-free and designed to exceed your dreams then let the experts at Hansar Samui guide you. It’s what they do best.


Johnny Paterson


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