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September’s ‘Thai Culinary Website of The Month’ is


MegabytesOur recommended Thai food website this month is simply outstanding. And it should be since it’s the on-line site of the Good Food television channel; one of the longest established and most popular satellite/cable channels in the UK dedicated to the culinary arts.


If you have the time and are interested in food generally then you could spend a few hours browsing around the whole site. However, to get straight onto Thai recipes type in and then click on the ‘Good Food’ icon at the top of the page. Next simply type in the word ‘Thai’ into the internal search engine and a listing of around 380 Thai recipes will appear. They all come from episodes of the television shows or from famous chefs and celebrities like Anthony Worrall Thompson, Delia Smith, Keith Floyd, Nigella Lawson, Rachel Allen, Simon Rimmer and Tana Ramsay, wife of Gordon Ramsay.


Their search engine is designed to hunt for all recipes containing all the words in your search request. So, for instance, if you type in ‘Thai green curry’ you get 830 recipes of which just the first dozen or so have all three words in it. You’ll get what you want and some of the other recipes might give you some inspiration for the future. Down the middle of the page there’s also a ‘refine your search’ feature which is very useful. You can narrow it down by course, by season, by chef if you like the particular style of one of them, by TV show and by dietary consideration as it can highlight wheat-free, dairy-free and low-fat recipes.


When you look at the recipe listings you’ll see that quite a few have a link to a video of the dish being prepared and presented. That said, you have to be in the UK for the video to run (this is because of international broadcasting rights of television shows). That isn’t a deal breaker, to be honest, as the recipes all have pictures and very detailed instructions. They’re about as idiot-proof as it’s possible to get.


I clicked on a Thai chicken green curry, one of the most popular dishes in Thailand and one that’s on virtually every menu on Samui. At the top of the recipe page it tells you whose recipe it is and there’s an average user rating to give an indication of what other people thought about it. The recipe also gives you the preparation and cooking times, and how many people the recipe serves and a degree of difficulty rating. In the list of ingredients, items such as lemon-grass, chili, coriander and fish sauce have links that take you to another page that gives more information about them and a picture of the ingredient. There’s also a handy conversion calculator if you still think in imperial measures rather than metric, and below that is the method. To the right of the recipe there’re also a number of similar types of dishes that you might want to try and a link whereby you can upload your own version of the recipe.


Overall, this site is easy to navigate around, has more than enough recipes and they’re easy to follow. As most are written by experienced chefs and cooks, the recipes are tried-and-tested and it would be hard to make a mess of them. It’s a safe, solid and wholly reliable site for Thai recipes made at home.


Johnny Paterson 


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