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Pampered Inside OutIt’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” What a wonderfully uplifting quote. And it’s one that’s been used by politicians, philosophers, poets, teachers and even sporting stars in some form or other over the years. But I wonder how many of them have made the trip from Europe, America or Australia to Samui. It’s a long, tiring journey. And the only thing that keeps you going is the thought of the final destination.

Long-haul flights can leave you shattered and it can take several days to recover from them. Not only are your sleep patterns disrupted, but your appetite can suffer from long periods of inactivity following the diet of junk food and airline meals. And the quicker you recover from the imbalances in your body the quicker you can happily get on with your holiday. Fortunately, there’s a great way to do just that on Samui. And all it requires is for you to sit back and let others do the hard work.


Samui is recognised as one of the top spa destinations in the world. And it’s noted for its high density of top-class restaurants and innovative chefs. Hotels and resorts on the island welcome around one million visitors every year and they see, first hand, the effect a long journey has on their guests. Melissa Tan is the Resort Manager of Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort, in Lamai, and she says, “Our guests come from all over the world and arrive at different times of the day. Often they’ve had to make two, three and even four flight connections to get here, taking 24 to 36 hours to finally arrive. We can see how tired they are and that’s why we’ve put together some spa and dining packages designed to help them relax, get over their jet-lag and to start their vacation with some light, nutritious and healthy cuisine. The combination works wonders and we have visitors from hotels across the island booking packages with us.”

The resort overlooks Lamai Beach and offers four restaurants and their Home Massage & Spa which also has a hair and beauty salon next to it. There’re five professionally trained therapists in the spa and, as well as individual treatments, they have several packages that include a herbal steam, a body-scrub, a body-wrap, a milky mineral bath and a range of massage treatments. It’s just 1,950 baht for the two-hour packages and you can choose the types of ingredients used in the scrubs such as salt, seaweed, coconut, coffee and Thai herbs. The scrubs and wraps are excellent for exfoliating dead skin cells, absorbing toxins, stimulating circulation and making the skin soft and smooth. And there’s a wonderfully aromatic range of essential oils for the massages. It’s best to have a chat with one of the therapists first so they can recommend the best options for you, particularly if you have sensitive skin or have any injuries. Their spa treatments are all about relaxation, rejuvenation and wellness and the more information the therapist has about you the better the results will be.


When you follow the spa session with one of the specially designed spa cuisine menus at either Pazzo Italian Restaurant or at Chom-Lay Thai Seafood Restaurant there’re big discounts on the set meals. Chef Manee Poosa-art leads the team at Pazzo and has been cooking professionally for the last 18 years. He got his start in the industry when the Italian head chef at the restaurant he was working in took him under his wing. From there his interest in Italian cuisine blossomed and he’s worked in Italian restaurants in Bangkok and Samui ever since. He’s put together a healthy, nutritious and flavour-packed five-course menu with a complimentary glass of wine for just 790 baht (it’s usually 990 baht per person). It starts with an Italian rocket salad with balsamic honey dressing, cheery tomatoes and Parmesan cheese followed by freshly-made minestrone soup. Then there’s a fillet of sea bass Branzino with spinach, capers, black olives and lemon sauce; a Milanzane of eggplant, eggs, Parmesan, parsley and tomato sauce; and a refreshing mango sorbet to finish the meal. Pazzo has an indoor air-conditioned room, an outside terrace, a wine bar and an amazing underground stone wine-cellar with just one table for diners. It’s cool, private and unique and it’s well worth booking in advance.


Chef Chaiyasak Phronthida heads up the brigade at the resort’s signature Chom-Lay Thai Seafood Restaurant. He joined the Buddy Group 12 years ago at the age of 17 spending the first six years at their hotel in Bangkok before transferring to Samui. And he describes the cuisine at Chom-Lay as regional Thai with a strong emphasis on seafood and there’re ten large tanks filled with live fish in the restaurant. It doesn’t get much fresher than that. Chef Chaiyasak has also put together a five-course healthy menu for just 690 baht with the spa package (it’s usually 890 baht) and there’s a complimentary lemon-grass, ginger and honey drink included to whet your appetite. His menu starts with a lemon-grass salad with prawns, shallots, chilies, lime and mint leaves followed by a Thai vegetable and herb soup. There’re two entrees, one of sea bass with ginger, spring onion, sweet chilies and coriander and another of grilled chicken breast with green papaya salad. And the meal is rounded off with a fragrant Thai chrysanthemum tea with honey. You can sit indoors or have a table set up on the huge day beds on the beach. And their beach bar has happy hours running throughout the day and the evening.


Melissa and her team have given a great deal of thought to the well-being of each and every guest. And their combined spa and dining packages could make the perfect start to your holiday. Simply relax and let the experts pamper you – inside and out.


Johnny Paterson


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