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June’s ‘Thai Culinary Website of The Month’ is


22This month’s recommended Thai food website is a beauty. It’s easy to navigate, well scripted and presented, informative and it has a real feel of authenticity.


It’s authored by an American lady who lives in Bangkok. Caitlyn (Cee) Webster first came to Thailand 10 years ago and returned many times before settling here in 2005. Her main motivation was a love of Thai cuisine and she speaks and reads Thai, travels around the country and is a keen photographer, which is clearly evident on her website. On the homepage there’s a list of her top-rated recipes and some highlighted features. But skip straight to the first of the four link pages – ‘Thai recipes’.


This is, after all, what you’re looking for. The page has 13 sub-headings, from snacks & street food to curries, noodles, sweets and everything in-between. There’s around one hundred recipes and some have come from cooks that Cee has got to know over the years. Each and every one of the recipe pages is brilliant in its design, layout and content. I’ve reviewed and looked at hundreds of food websites and in terms of recipe information this is probably the best one I’ve come across to date.


At the top of each recipe page there’s a photograph of the finished dish and the name of it in English, its transliterated name and the name in Thai script. Beside that, there’s a list of ingredients and if you click on any one of them it takes you to the glossary section which gives more details about the particular item. For instance, one of the green curry recipes calls for pea eggplants which you might not be familiar with. By clicking on the link you will find a picture of them, a description, typical dishes they are used in and how to store them correctly.


Back to the recipe and there are clear and concise step-by-step directions on how to make the dish. And there’s a slideshow of photographs to accompany each step. This gives a great visual cue as to how the dish should look both in colour and in texture. At the bottom of the directions it tells you how many times this recipe has been tried and rated by visitors to the site and it gives an average rating out of five. Below that is a section for comments and it’s clear from looking at this that Cee has a loyal and honest bunch of followers. She chats back and forth with contributors and happily answers any questions people may have.


Onto the second link, ‘ingredient glossary’, and this is sub-divided into seven sections covering fruits, vegetables, herbs, sauces, meats and fish, rice and noodles and equipment. Again, each item has a good quality photograph and interesting information about the product. Her third link is ‘articles’ and there are five here including an excellent one on how to eat like a Thai. There’s also a free pocket guide to ‘Eating Thai’ that you can download. The final page is ‘links’ which lists some of her recommended Thai food websites, food blogs, on-line grocery stores and Thai cookery books.


Overall I love this site; you can get directly to a recipe in seconds and you can contribute comments and learn about certain aspects of Thailand from someone who lives here. It’s a winner and should definitely be bookmarked and be your first port of call when searching for Thai recipes.


Johnny Paterson


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