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Executive Chef Stephen Jean Dion at H Bistro shares his recipe for Grilled Maine Lobster.


10This month’s recipe features the work of the very talented Canadian Executive Chef Stephen Jean Dion of H Bistro at Hansar Samui Resort & Spa in Bophut. Since opening in the latter half of 2010 the restaurant has quickly gained an excellent reputation for its French Mediterranean cuisine. This recipe is for a delicious appetizer for five, you can adjust the ingredient amounts for the number of people in your party or if you wish to serve it as a main course.


Grilled Maine Lobster with garlic butter and rocket lettuce




5 Maine lobster

50 ml Extra virgin olive oil


For the dressing:

10 grams Aceto Balsamico di Modena

20 grams Extra virgin olive oil

3 grams Fresh sliced basil

3 grams Chopped garlic

3 grams Chopped red shallot

3 grams Salt & pepper


For the salad leaves:

70 grams Wild rocket



100 grams Red cherry tomatoes

100 grams Baby artichokes

30 grams Kalamata olives



100 grams Parmesan Padano grated


For the garlic butter:

200 grams Unsalted butter

100 grams Chopped garlic

50 grams Chopped Italian parsley

20 ml Lemon juice

20 ml White wine

10 ml Lea & Perrins

5 grams Salt & Pepper


For the green pea puree:

200 grams Frozen green peas

30 grams Unsalted cream

10 grams Unsalted butter

3 grams Salt & pepper




Maine lobster: Boil the Maine lobsters in salted water for about five minutes then remove from the boiling water. Do not put the lobsters in ice water. Remove the claws and elbows from the lobsters and then crack the claws and elbows with a large flat knife. From the top of the head to the tail of the lobster cut directly in half. Sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil and add to the grill. It’s best to grill the meat of the lobster first for about three minutes and then turn the lobster onto its shell. Brush the garlic butter onto the lobster meat and add the claws and elbows to the grill and brush with garlic butter.


Salad leaves: Wash and dry the wild rocket and keep aside in the refrigerator.


Aceto Balsamico dressing: Combine the Balsamico vinegar with the chopped garlic and red shallots in a small mixing bowl and whisk in the extra virgin olive oil and freshly sliced basil. Season with salt and pepper to taste.


Preparing the vegetables


Artichokes: First cook the artichokes; place them in a pot just large enough to hold them. Smash four garlic cloves with a flat knife and tuck them in amongst the artichokes together with thyme and bay leaf. Peel the rind from the lemon and add to the pan with some juice and a pinch of salt. Add two tablespoons of olive oil to the pan covering the artichokes with water and bring to the boil. Continue to cook until you can insert a skewer, cooking time is about 15 minutes.


Cherry tomatoes: Bring a pot of water to the boil, plunge the cherry tomatoes in the water for about 10 seconds, transfer to an ice bath, peel and slice the cherry tomatoes in half and take out the seeds. Season with salt and pepper and put in the refrigerator.


Garlic butter: Have all the ingredients on hand, take the butter out of the chiller and let it soften at room temperature. Once softened, combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, then mix with a wooden spoon in order to obtain a smooth consistency.


Green pea puree: Boil the green peas in salted water until soft and green. Strain and add the peas to a blender. Add in the boiled cream and butter, season to taste. The consistency should be smooth and light in flavour.


Once the lobster is ready: Combine the wild rocket and vegetables with the Aceto Balsamico di Modena dressing. Set the salad on an oval plate and grate the fresh Parmesan on top. In the centre, pipe in the warm green pea puree, set the lobster and it’s ready to serve. You can serve with or without the shells.


Chef Stephen’s recommended wine choice for this dish is:

2007 Isolation Ridge Chardonnay, Frankland Estate, Western Australia


The above may sound a little complicated but if you want to emulate the very best then you must follow in their footsteps. To really appreciate how it should look and taste though, take a trip down to H Bistro and see it made by the expert!


Johnny Paterson


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